Phytoceramides: Could a single daily supplement banish wrinkles forever?

Look 10 years younger with this Doctor approved ‘facelift in a bottle’

phytoceramides supplementIt’s hard to ignore the onset of aging: once we hit 30, those tell-tale lines and wrinkles start to appear. As we get older, our skin’s supply of vital vitamins and minerals declines and we start to lose our youthful smoothness.

Our skin cells are damaged every day by city pollution and if you’ve worked outside, smoked or maybe not used as much sunscreen as you could have done, those wrinkles and rough patches may look more obvious than you’d like.

You’ve probably tried every “miracle cream” out there – and haven’t always experienced the results the glossy packaging promised.

So what to do – get a facelift? Maybe if you’re rich or famous. But before you consider going under the knife (and taking out a bank loan to do it), take a look at this amazing supplement that can rejuvenate your skin in a matter of weeks. Without surgery.

You may have seen a certain celebrity Doctor talking about phytoceramides; once again, it seems the TV medic has discovered a revolutionary natural product we can easily fit into our hectic modern lifestyles. But actually he was only telling us what Japanese women have known for centuries: taking phytoceramides daily can help to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

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Taking phytoceramides supplements orally, rather than using a cream or lotion, helps to restore your skin from the inside out. Absorbed into the bloodstream, phytoceramides travel to the skin’s outer layers where they add moisture, repair damage, boost natural collagen levels and fill out wrinkles. What’s more, the FDA has approved use of this powerful supplement, so you know it’s a product that can be trusted.

OK, that sounds pretty good. But how do phytoceramides work?

Ceramides are vital to the top layer of our skin. These lipids hold the skin cells in place and retain water molecules in the skin, helping us maintain moisture levels. But as we get older, our natural ceramide levels decrease and cause our skin to become thinner. Skin cracks more easily and feels drier.

Lotions and creams containing ceramides can help to boost ceramide levels, but taking phytoceramides supplements alongside meals is more effective as the phytoceramides are absorbed internally and are carried to the skin’s inner layers. From there they seep naturally to the outer layers where they can get to work.

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What are phytoceramides, anyways?

Phytoceramides BottlePhytoceramides are a plant-derived equivalent of ceramides. They’re the non-animal-sourced version of the lipid molecule and can help you regain healthy, happy skin by boosting the levels of collagen, moisture, elastin and antioxidants found in your skin’s outer layer.

Phytoceramides were first isolated during the 19th century, although it was not until the 1990s that phytoceramides began to appear in anti-aging creams. Now, phytoceramide pills are taking the place of creams; they’re a more powerful yet convenient way of getting the age-defying, wrinkle-smoothing benefits of phytoceramides.

How do you take phytoceramides? How long do you take them for?

Taking phytoceramides in capsule form means you can control your use of the product: slathering on loads of cream might mean your supply doesn’t last as long as you wanted. But taking a single 350mg capsule daily with food for as little as FOUR WEEKS should realize benefits.

“After 12 weeks of taking a 350mg capsule once a day alongside food, you’ll see the difference: younger-looking, plumper, more moisturized skin.”


Look Younger with PhytoceramidesTaking a capsule every day can easily become part of your mealtime routine.

If you want to boost the anti-aging benefits of phytoceramides, try using them alongside topical vitamin C. Sometimes, taking vitamin C orally can be problematic (it’s not always easily absorbed). But phytoceramides and topical vitamin C can be a powerful anti-aging combination.

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Are there any phytoceramides side effects?

phytoceramides scienceA study carried out by the FDA in 2004 revealed that there were no adverse effects from taking standard doses of phytoceramides. But if you have sensitivity to wheat gluten, you should carefully check the ingredients of your chosen phytoceramide brand. Many phytoceramides contain wheat, although there are brands available derived from rice and sweet potatoes, both of which are suitable for those with a gluten intolerance.

As with many other supplements, if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, or already taking a range of medicines, you should consult your doctor before adding phytoceramides to your life.

Phytoceramides: the natural facelift

So let’s recap the benefits of phytoceramides: this plant-derived lipid molecule works in our skin’s outer layers. Ceramides hold our skin cells in place and also store moisture, but their levels decrease as we get older, resulting in wrinkles and dry patches.

phytoceramidesPhytoceramides, absorbed through supplements into our bloodstream and then directly into the inner and outer layers of the skin, restore moisture and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Phytoceramides boost collagen, filling out wrinkles. Phytoceramides also raise the levels of vitamins and antioxidants that naturally deplete as we get older.

Within only 12 weeks, you’ll notice younger-looking, tauter skin.

So if you want to feel more comfortable in your own skin but don’t want to use creams or lotions or don’t feel comfortable with the idea of plastic surgery, phytoceramides offer a natural anti-aging remedy, with results visible in just a few months.

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